Officers of Euro-CNS

The Euro-CNS Executive Committee consists of five Officers: the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Editor of Clinical Neuropathology.They are elected by the Council from the membership.

The Council of Euro-CNS had its last business meeting on the 6th of July 2016, in Bordeaux, at the occasion of the 11th International Congress of Neuropathology.

The following changes in composition of the Euro-CNS Executive Committee were ratified:

Prof. Anne Vital, former Vice-President, ascended to the position of President of Euro-CNS.
The Council elected Prof. Paul Ince as Vice-President of Euro-CNS.

Executive Board as of 6 July 2016:

Prof. Anne Vital, Bordeaux, France

Prof. Paul Ince, Sheffield, UK

Prof. Bjarne Winther Kristensen, Odense, Denmark

Prof. Martin Lammens, Antwerp, Belgium

Editor-in-Chief of ‘Clinical Neuropathology’ and Immediate Past President
Prof. Johannes Hainfellner, Vienna, Austria