Euro-CNS Congress

This page is used by the Euro-CNS/ECNP2021 Secretariat to provide updated (technical) information for invited speakers, chairs, hosts, moderators and abstract presenters.

Please visit our congress website for detailed information about the congress.

Important notice for Abstract/Poster Presenters: All poster presenters are invited for a short oral presentation! If you are not invited for a presentation in a Symposium, Workshop, or Free communication, you were scheduled and invited for a Quick Pitch. See below!

  • We urge you to read the FAQ for chairs and presenters with detailed practical and technical information about the virtual platform (vMix and Zoom), what you can expect, and what is expected from you during your session
  • Please note that all abstract presenters are expected to present an ePoster as well as a short oral. All abstract presenters have been invited to give a short oral presentation about their work in a Symposium, Workshop, Free Communication or Quick Pitch Session. Therefore, please read all information below as well, and download and read the FAQ for chairs and presenters so that you know exactly what it is all about.

Content of this page:

Part A:
Information for invited speakers, session chairs, hosts and moderators, as well as for abstract presenters who have been invited for a short oral presentation in a Workshop, a Symposium, or a Free Communication. These abstract presenters should also study Part B about poster presentations as they have to present their poster in the poster Exhibit as well. Part A is not for Quick Pitch Presenters.

Part B: Information for all abstract submitters/poster presenters. Quick Pitch Presenters are asked to give a short 3-minute oral presentation in the Quick Pitch Sessions. Quick Pitch presenters are poster presenters who are not scheduled to present their abstract in a Workshop, Symposium, or Free Communication (as in Part A).

Important downloads:

Overview of oral poster Quick Pitches (Check for which Session you are scheduled!)
Overview of oral poster presentations in Free Communications (Check your session)
Draft program with presentation times indicated and oral poster presentations included. This is for those who present in a Symposium or Workshop. Presentation times are indicated (e.g. “5+3” means 5 minutes for the talk and 3 minutes for Q&A). Please keep to the time!

Technical information:
Download here the Virtual Speaker/Presenter’s Guide (for all with an oral presentation but not for Quick Pitch presentations)
Download here First Sight Media Top Tips for Speaking Virtually

Part A: For invited speakers, oral abstract presenters, chairs, hosts, and moderators

Countdown Checklist for presenters:

  • Tech Checks: by now you will have had a tech check meeting with the First Sight Media Team.
  • by 28 May at the latest, ideally sooner: Send the First Sight Media team your completed presentation (unless you are in a ZOOM-based session, then you can share your screen)
  • 30 minutes before session start*: Use the calendar invite that you received to connect to vMix, ready to present. If it is a Zoom session, you can also join via the link in the agenda/program on the virtual platform. If you are a chair or presenter, the host will let you enter the Zoom session. Audience cannot enter the Zoom session until a few minutes before the official start time.
  • 0 minutes before: The chair will welcome presenters and audience and ask you to deliver your presentation. Questions from the audience will come in via the Q&A Box.

*) Example: If your Session starts at 2 pm, all speakers need to check-in at 13:30 hrs.

Part B: General information for all ePoster presenters, and information specific to ‘Quick Pitches’

1) Quick Pitches are only for abstract presenters who do not have an oral presentation in a symposium, workshop or free communication: These have been scheduled for a short (3 min) oral presentation in Quick Pitch Sessions. These are Zoom webinars. You can present in the following ways:

a) ‘live’ whereby you share your screen and present a powerpoint or other materials from your ePoster (stack) or from your own computer

b) you ask your session’s Technical Chair to play an mp4 presentation from your ePoster (stack) in the Learning Toolbox showcase (ePoster Exhibit).

If you have a powerpoint presentation, please limit the number of slides to 5.

2) for ALL abstract presenters! Preparation and presentation of your ePoster:


  • ePoster = Stack
  • Learning Toolbox = this is the platform where you make your ePoster (Stack) and add the material (files, weblinks) that you want to include
  • Showcase = Virtual Poster Exhibit. This will be accessible to delegates after 25 May.
How to create an ePoster: 
  1. Create a Learning Toolbox account (see your LTB invitation for a unique code, or contact our ECNP2021 support desk)
  2. Create an ePoster/=Stack and add content
  3. Provide the following details in your stack summary box (click the hyperlink for detailed explanations on the LTB support page). When your stack/ePoster is published to the showcase, viewers will see its summary information (the summary box) and will be able to click on its title to open and explore it. Therefore make sure you have:
  • A Stack name (your abstract/poster title)
  • A Stack description
  • A poster/details image
  • Tags (‘keywords’). Tags can help people to search for your ePoster/Stack in the Showcase (=virtual poster exhibit).
    There are other items you can fill in, but these are intended to print ‘mini posters’ in case of physical congress. You can therefore disregard these other items.

Once finished, mark your stack as ‘ready to publish’ so that the organizers know they can be published (=moved) to the final Showcase (= Virtual Poster Exhibit). You can still continue working on your Stack normally!

We strongly recommend exploring the Eposter Support Page for Euro-CNS (click the links), in particular the Introduction, the demo video and the written guide.  Click here to read advice on creating a recorded powerpoint to add to your stack.

If you still have questions just consult the FAQ section. Even if you have already finished your Stack, you may find new opportunities when you go through this support page. Remember you can keep improving your Stack at all times. Also do not forget to ‘save Stack’ regularly. If you leave the system without saving changes you will lose them.

  • NOW (if not yet done): please have at least a basic Stack prepared and mark it ‘ready to publish’
  • As of 6 May: organizers will start moving ‘ready-to-publish’ Stacks to the final showcase. Of course, you can still improve your Stack. For example, you can add extra figures, modify the text, add a powerpoint video, or other mp4 and take a bit more time for that.
  • 25 May: the Showcase will be accessible and remain open until 3 months after the event. You may start receiving messages in your chatbox already.
  • 25 May-30 May: the Poster Jury will be active, reviewing posters for the ‘Best Poster Prizes’. They might be looking at your ePoster on 25th May. If you do not have your ePoster ready by then, the jury may miss seeing any improvements you make after 25 May!
  • 31 May-3 June: Congress dates. Showcase/Virtual Poster Exhibit each day from 12:00-13:00 hrs. You can join for a Quick Pitch Session or remain available for responding to questions from viewers in your chatbox (or both, if you can multitask at the screen).

Best Poster Awards: The Poster Jury will be active visiting ePosters between 25 and 30 May. If you wish to make the best possible impression on the Poster Jury, please make sure you have your ePoster ready by 25 May.  But again, you can edit your poster whenever you want.

During the event
● The ePosters are all available on the ePosters showcase website.
● Each author who does NOT present the abstract already as an oral in a WS/SY/FC, has a scheduled short (max. 3-minute) presentation slot (Quick Pitch)

Quick Pitch Session:
● The Quick Pitch presentations take place Zoom webinars.
● The aim for the author is to get across their main messages clearly and to interest delegates in exploring their work further afterwards.
● Authors can bring up their ePoster onscreen and use any of the resources/materials they have added to the ePoster within their presentation. We recommend adding a 5-slide presentation to the ePoster to use for this pitch presentation. We strongly recommend to pre-record and put an mp4 on your ePoster and ask your Session’s Technical Chair to play it on your behalf during your Quick Pitch. Technical Chairs will be taking care of pre-loading and playing the mp4’s from their computer and prepare to share sound from the mp4. Also if you are presenting an ePoster and do not have a Quick Pitch presentation, it’s nice to have a ppt or mp4 presentation on your ePoster. You can refer to it from your SY/WS/FC oral.
● We will have a max. of 10 Quick Pitch presentations per 1-hour session and 30 minutes remaining for questions/networking.
● There are 4-5 parallel Quick Pitch sessions per day, all during the official Poster Exhibit Hours from 12:00-13:00 hrs. daily.

During and after the event
● The ePosters are accessible until 3 months after the event.
● Delegates can easily return to those ePosters they have favourited during the event and/or can search the showcase for ePosters that interest them.
● Delegates can post comments or questions to the ePoster and the author can answer these. This discussion is attached to the ePoster so that others can view it.
● Authors can send out messages to their ePoster viewers. Delegates who have favourited the ePoster and accepted notifications will receive notifications of these messages.
● Delegates can easily share relevant ePosters with their colleagues – helping to disseminate the author’s work and increase the opportunities for collaboration.
● The author can easily share their ePoster with others wherever they are – helping to disseminate their work