Euro-CNS survey on molecular markers in diffuse glioma
This survey intends to assess the view of our professional community on the role and relevance of molecular markers in the diagnostic assessment of diffuse gliomas. In addition, concepts for further development of technical platforms for diagnostic brain tumor biomarker testing are also assessed. Results of the survey will be published in Clinical Neuropathology. Click here for the online survey (google form). We appreciate your online feedback!

Newly published: Euro-CNS news in Clinical Neuropathology issue 5:
Issue 5, Sept/Oct 2016

  • 11th European Congress of Neuropathology
  • Euro-CNS Executive Committee
  • Report from the Romanian Society of Neuropathology
  • Euro-CNS Forensic Pathology course 2016- reports
  • Report 52th Congress of the Italian Association of Neuropathology and Clinical Neurobiology (AINPeNC) in conjunction with the 42nd Congress of the Italian Association for Research on Aging Brain (AIRIC)

Fellowship Training Program. Call for candidates!

The Euro-CNS fellowship training program is intended to facilitate short (maximum 2 months) diagnostic training opportunities in either Tumour or Muscle and Nerve pathology for trainees in neuropathology. The individual training plan for each Fellow appointed to the scheme will reflect the skills and knowledge that are required by the home Institution and which can be implemented upon the trainee’s return. For more information, please visit the ‘Fellowship Training’ page on this website. Applications can be submitted at all times.

Mission of Euro-CNS
Euro-CNS aims to promote and maintain the harmonisation of neuropathology training and clinical practice throughout Europe, and to promote the science of neuropathology and neuropathology research. Euro-CNS has programmes of scientific and clinical activity to support European Neuropathologists at both senior and junior level. Courses and congresses are held regularly to promote interest in the discipline, to facilitate the exchange of scientific information between members, and to help researchers and clinicians stay current with the latest advances in neuropathology. A European Neuropathology Exam is organized each year.

Courses & Congresses

Below you will find only the new announcements. Please see our Event Calender for a complete overview!

Neurodegeneration and the 3Rs: Models, Mechanisms & Resources.
6 December 2016, Edinburgh, Scotland
The Scottish TSE Network (STN) will host their annual one-day international symposium at the Roslin Institute (Edinburgh, UK) on state of the art approaches to studying neurodegenerative diseases that are consistent with the 3R principles (replacement, refinement, reduction) of animals in research. Topics will include cell-free protein misfolding assays, human stem cell-based approaches and transgenic C. elegans and Drosophila models, in addition to the opportunities offered by tissue banking and in silico analysis.  For the program, further information and registration please visit the symposium webpage. Early registration is advisable!

CME Training Course ‘Muscle and Peripheral Nerve Pathology’.
22-24 March 2017, Aachen, Germany

This newly updated course consists of lectures with an emphasis on teaching. Practical (microscope-based) sessions are part of the course. This three-days course and workshop will provide practising (neuro)pathologists, clinicians and researchers with up-to-date reviews of the classification and the diagnostic problems in muscle and peripheral nerve pathology. The course consists of alternate lectures and slide sessions. Registration is open. For more information click here