Swiss society of Neuropathology

(update September 2010)

The Swiss Society of Neuropathology is a small association composed of:
– full-time active neuropathologists: 11
– part-time active neuropathologists: 4
– trainees in neuropathology: 4
– others (e.g. neurologists, neurosurgeons, basic neuroscientists, sympathizers etc.): 20

Until today, most active neuropathologists have a formation of general pathologist and are also member of the Swiss Society of Pathology. The speciality in neuropathology is recognized, as such, by the Medical Council since 2007.

Training in Neuropathology
A 5 years training program is defined (3 years clinical neuropathology, 1 year clinical pathology and 1 year in an other field such as neurology, neurosurgery, psychiatry, neuropediatry or neuroradiology are accepted).  Currently, 4 trainees are in training and the first exam will be take place in December 2010.

A description of the Requierements for Neuropathology Training is available in German and French.

Twice a year “Session around the microscope” are held for review of diagnostically difficult or interesting cases, serving also as medical education.

Once every two years the International Winter Meeting on St. Moritz is organized with international participation.

Reference Centers
A reference center for prion-diseases in Zurich and for neurodegeneration and dementia in Basel and Geneva have been functional since many years.

Submitted by Constantin Bouras