Updated Euro-CNS Courses in 2019:
Forensic Neuropathology (3-5 April) and Leukoencephalopathies (26-28 June). Both courses will be held at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam. Registration is open. Please see our ‘CME Course‘ page on this website.

European Examination in Neuropathology 2019: The next examination will be held in the autumn of 2019, in London (University College London, Institute of Neurology, Division of Neuropathology). Read more about the examination here.

Clinical Neuropathology issue 5, Sept/Oct 2018
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Euro-CNS News: Society News of the European Confederation of Neuropathological Societies (download Euro-CNS news issue 5 here)

Fellowship Training Program. Call for candidates!

The Euro-CNS fellowship training program is intended to facilitate short (maximum 2 months) diagnostic training opportunities in either Tumour or Muscle and Nerve pathology for trainees in neuropathology. The individual training plan for each Fellow appointed to the scheme will reflect the skills and knowledge that are required by the home Institution and which can be implemented upon the trainee’s return. For more information, please visit the ‘Fellowship Training‘ page on this website. Applications can be submitted at all times.

Mission of Euro-CNS
Euro-CNS aims to promote and maintain the harmonisation of neuropathology training and clinical practice throughout Europe, and to promote the science of neuropathology and neuropathology research. Euro-CNS has programmes of scientific and clinical activity to support European Neuropathologists at both senior and junior level. Courses and congresses are held regularly to promote interest in the discipline, to facilitate the exchange of scientific information between members, and to help researchers and clinicians stay current with the latest advances in neuropathology. A European Neuropathology Exam is organized each year.

Euro-CNS Courses 2019

Euro-CNS CME “Forensic Neuropathology”
 3-5 April 2019, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

This unique course will provide an overview of problems in neuropathology which are relevant in judicial cases. The first part of the course will focus on basic issues in neuro-trauma and adult forensic neuropathology, post mortem radiology, CNS affection by intoxications and differential diagnostic problems. The second part of the course will address the difficult field of pediatric neuro-trauma, including ophtalmopathology and differential diagnoses.  Click here for more information and online registration.

Euro-CNS CME “Leukoencephalopathies”
 26-28 June 2019, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The course will provide practising (neuro) pathologists, clinicians and researchers with up-to-date reviews of the classification and the diagnostic problems in the pathology of white matter diseases. Topics include: Clinical and radiological aspects of white matter disease; Leukodystrophies, including lysosomal, peroxisomal and structural protein disorders; Perinatal white matter injury; Small vessel disease; Infectious disorders; Auto-immune disorders; Leukovasculopathies, including amyloid angiopathies; Traumatic and toxic white matter injury.
Click here for more information and online registration.