British Neuropathological Society

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Below, an excerpt. At the bottom you will find the announcement of James Ironside, president of BNS concerning the full speciality status of NP in the UK.


The British Neuropathological Society (BNS) maintains its role as a world leading group of neuropathologists committed to:

  • Research and Scientific Endeavour
  • BNS meetings, Memorial Lectures & Symposia (Dorothy Russell & Alfred Meyer Memorial Lectures
  • Support for academic activities
  • Publication of Neuropathology and Applied Neurobiology
  • Awards of bursaries for travel and research
  • Support and encouragement for the academic advancement of young scientists and clinical trainees
  • Foster inter-disciplinary research collaborations
  • Support and facilitate collection of tissue for research brain banks


Quality Assurance of Diagnostic Neuropathology Services

  • Workforce planning, benchmarking staffing levels, specification of equipment norms
  • Developing practice guidelines
  • EQA and Development of Standards
  • Nominating Body for Clinical Excellence Awards

Education & Training for Renewal & Expansion of Clinical Neuropathology

  • BNS Professional Affairs Committee
  • Royal College of Pathologists subcommittee
  • Royal College of Pathologists CATT
  • Royal College of Pathologists Examinations Committees
  • Royal College of Pathologists Academic Affairs
  • Establishment and maintenance of SpR posts in Neuropathology
  • Education of Histopathology, and Clinical Neurosciences SpRs

Publications through Journal and Textbooks

  • Neuropathology and Applied Neurobiology
  • Greenfield’s Neuropathology
  • Other books

Social Responsibility

  • Public Relations
  • Promoting & maintaining public awareness of the value of Post Mortem examinations
  • Promoting the value oft tissue and organ retention
  • Medico-legal opinions

External Relations – UK

  • JNC – Joint Neurosciences Council (formerly the Neurological Alliance)
  • SBNS – Society of British Neurological Surgeon
  • ABN – Association of British Neurologists
  • Pathological Society
  • BNA – British Neuroscience Association
  • MRC – Medical Research Council
  • Charities

International Relations

  • Euro-CNS
  • European, American, Japanese and other national societies
  • ISN – International Society of Neuropathology – Council, Executive Officers
  • Outreach programmes throughout the world

Status of Neuropathology in the UK

Neuropathology has full speciality status in the UK – from James Ironside, president BNS

I am delighted to inform you that the UK Departments of Health have reconsidered their position and have now decided to approve the application from British Neuropathological Society/Royal College of Pathologists to allow Neuropathology to have full speciality status in the UK. This greatly strengthens the position of Neuropathology in the UK and will allow us to improve recruitment, training and assessment in our “new” speciality. Much more work will be required over a challenging timescale in order to fulfil the requirements of the UK General Medical Council for the creation of a speciality in Neuropathology; more information on this will be forthcoming shortly.

I am most grateful to everyone in the British Neuropathological Society who has helped us achieve this success, along with the President and other colleagues in Royal College of Pathologists. In particular, I would like to thank Dr John Xuereb for his tireless efforts on this most important matter, which have been critical to this favourable outcome.

I also hope that the creation of a separate speciality of Neuropathology in the UK may act as a landmark for other countries also wishing to take this step – the British Neuropathological Society will be happy to give advice and assistance if required.

Best wishes,

James W Ironside CBE FRSE
President, BNS